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May 28, 2012
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Note: This is the defense I found on DA. The defense belongs to Wesker10 on Deviantart

Wesker-Wolf's Defense: Princess Celestia[NOTE] If there is an issue or subject concerning Princess Celestia that you think I should address, please feel free to point it out to me. I will be more than happy to look into the matter if I have not already. Points added will be given Blue Bullets.:bulletblue: :)
A recent "conversation" has brought to my knowledge a group dedicated to "protecting" the character, Princess Celestia, who is from the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you know me, you know that I LOVE the character of Princess Celestia and that I've been a spazztastic little defender of hers ever since I became a fan of the show (My friends, Jandrus13 and Dusty-san know VERY well how I've been about that). I don't remember if I've ever written Journals about how I feel about her, but I know I've ranted and lectured people a bunch in the past about my feelings toward Princess Celestia and putting up logic and a good defense in her behalf for her actions in the show.
Now, it's importa

Note: This is not meant to insult anyone or any character at all. This is also not meant to bring up any fanwars at all. Thank you.

:star:Why did Celestia banish Luna to the moon?:star:

This looks like a controversial act or feat for many people considering the fact that Princess Luna is Princess Celestia's younger sister. The first and foremost important fact to realize is that Celestia didn't just banish Luna to the moon, she banished Night Mare Moon to the moon. The opening sequence described in detail that Luna allowed jealously and anger to get the best of her and that she wanted to create an endless night so Equestria would be forced to appreciate her more. Celestia didn't outright attack her or anything like that, but tried to reason with Luna, but Luna was so far over the edge that she was transformed into a "wicked mare of darkness". Even after that, the opening explains that Celestia reluctantly was forced to use the Elements of Harmony to stop her sister from causing death and destruction. It was even confirmed by Lauren Faust herself.

If you don't even want to take the creator of MLP:FiM's word for it, then so be it. Luna was turned evil and had Celestia not acted, all of Equestria would've been destroyed for a selfish desire. Without sunlight, there's no energy for the plants to grow food, fruits, etc. Without any food, fruits, etc, many ponies could slowly starve to death because the ponies aren't able to eat anything. Think about it for a moment. No sunlight means zero plants growth. Plus, the temperature would be very cold in days where the ponies could've froze to death. It's as simple as that.

:star:Why would Celestia not tell Fluttershy about Philomena being a Phoenix?:star:

The general believes that Celestia for some reason intentionally did not tell Fluttershy that her pet bird was a self-resurrecting phoenix and would be dying soon.

That's understandable for someone with little consideration to others, but given Celestia's non-trolling nature, that actually makes the concept rather farfetched. Twilight introduced Fluttershy to Celestia, so it's safe to say that this demonstrates that the two haven't really had any time just to talk before. All Celestia knew about Fluttershy was what was written via Twilight's letters and friendship reports at the time, so she at the least knew who Fluttershy was and that she was good with animals. Other than a few words of conversation, Celestia had to leave on official business, accidentally leaving her pet phoenix behind and Fluttershy snagged her before anyone was the wiser.

I'm not pointing any fingers, but it definitely doesn't look like it was Celestia's fault for all of this. She even had her guards out looking for her pet bird that Fluttershy took without permission. I highly doubt my neighbors would appreciate it if I snuck into their backyard and took their dog while they were out grocery shopping because I thought the dog was sick when it was actually just pregnant or something. It's not necessarily the neighbors' responsibility to tell me everything about the dog if they were under the impression that I was an "animal expert". They could probably assume I could tell the dog was pregnant and that nature would soon takes its course, much like how Celestia was probably under the impression that Fluttershy's vast knowledge of animals might have also extended to phoenixes.

:star:How come Celestia took no action when she saw Rarity falling to her death in the "Sonic Rainboom" episode?:star:

Let me answer this question with a question: Why didn't anyone ELSE jump to Rarity's rescue other than the Wonderbolts? This was Cloudsdale we're talking about. EVERY pony could fly except Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. People seriously seem to expect Celestia to act like a superhero because she has powerful magic. That's debatable, but for the sake of character and plot development, it was imperative that Rainbow Dash was the one to save Rarity. Had she not, Rainbow Dash wouldn't have won the "Best Young Flyers" competition, she would've never received recognition from the Wonderbolts, she would have never performed her "Sonic Rainboom" and she would've never gotten her confidence back.

Whether Celestia had the physical capability to save a falling pony or not (where an elite team of flyers could not), we can't say, but we all know it wasn't up to her to act the part of the hero. You could just as easily claim that Twilight should've saved Rarity with a levitation spell or the other competitors should've also dove in.

:star:Why didn't Celestia stop Discord when he escaped from his stone prison?:star:

This is where simple realization comes in. When Celestia and Luna defeated Discord over 1000 years ago, they utilized the Elements of Harmony. When Celestia had to stand up to Night Mare Moon and banish her, she had to use the Elements of Harmony. See the pattern here? Celestia isn't necessarily all powerful. She's still mortal and flawed. She even explains to Twilight that her and Luna are no longer tied to the Elements of Harmony and therefore, couldn't use them to defeat Discord again. Celestia did what she was able to and the rest was up to Twilight and her friends. I'd say Celestia came through rather well when her act of sending back Twilight's friendship reports ended up restoring Twilight to her original self, as I explained earlier. That in turn ended up allowing Twilight to know how to restore her friends and ultimately be able to harness the Elements of Harmony once again.

:star:Queen Chrysalis beat Celestia, proving that she's useless:star:

This kinda peeves me quite a bit and it's also the most recent issue surrounding Celestia. Queen Chrysalis fooled everyone into believing that she was Princess Cadance. Where the Changeling Queen couldn't deceive, she either mind controlled or imprisoned in an underground cavern. When the Queen's disguise was overthrown, who was the first character to stand up to her? Twilight? Princess Cadance?

Unfortunately, they let the Queen's intimidation get the better of them. The character who rose to the tyrannical Queen's sinister plot and cruelty was none other than Princess Celestia herself. If anyone saw the scene, we know that Queen Chrysalis was able to overpower Celestia and defeat her with stronger magic, thus causing some fans to claim Celestia was "useless". Yet, if anyone observed Queen Chrysalis during the duel, she was immensely unsure of herself and nervous. She believed she was going to lose to Celestia, when to both of their great surprise, the Changeling Queen won, claiming that the power she received from feeding off of Shining Armor's love has given her the upper hand (Err, upper hoof?).

In the end, it was Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's love that defeated the evil Queen, allowing those two quite an epic and emotional spotlight. So how is it that Celestia is "useless" in comparison to say... Twilight's 5 friends who did nothing the whole episode except prepare for the wedding? Twilight herself did a lot of great, including discovering and freeing the real Princess Cadance and exploiting the Changeling Queen, but even she ultimately had to back down where Celestia demonstrated her concern and love for her people. In all due respect to what had occurred in the two episodes of the Season 2 finale, everyone except Twilight had no reason to think suspiciously of the fake Princess Cadance. None of them spent as much time around her as Twilight did and as far as we know, none of them have a history with Cadance either, even though it is speculated that Cadance might be Celestia's niece.

Remember as well those moments when Celestia was on one of the castle terraces keeping watch over Canterlot with a telescope? It's safe to assume she wasn't exactly around everypony to give reason to doubt the identity of Princess Cadance. The only time Celestia was with the fake princess was during the actual rehearsal for the wedding.

:star:Celestia didn't apologize to Twilight for not believing her about the fake Princess Cadance?:star:

When the true identity of the fake Cadance was revealed to be the Changeling Queen, she acknowledged that Twilight was the only one who rightfully suspected her evil intentions. Almost immediately, Applejack apologizes on everyone's behalf for not believing Twilight, to which Twilight responds, "It's not your fault. She fooled everypony." Keep in mind at this moment that poor Celestia was trapped in the chrysalis on the ceiling.

In lieu of what Twilight said, we know she held nothing against the others not taking her word for it when it came to her suspicions. Although it might have been nice for Celestia to personally say "I'm sorry" to Twilight, it would've been out of place considering she was trapped in that goop and only had a moment to speak with Twilight after the wedding preparation montage. Even so, Celestia expressed deep care and admiration for Twilight's actions and deeds in bringing back the real Princess Cadance. Too many apologies from everyone apart from who the story was focused on would've drawn away from the moment of Twilght, Cadance and Shining Armor's victory.

Besides, not even Twilight's brother, Shining Armor, apologized after he told Twilight to not show her face to his wedding, yet barely says anything about that until the near end.

:star:Was it really necessary for Celestia to assign Twilight's friends the task of delivering Friendship Reports?:star:

When Twilight had basically gone cuckoo for "Cocoa Puffs" in the "Lesson Zero" episode, it ultimately fell upon Celestia's shoulders to stop the commotion and chaos Twilight caused and for Celestia to have a talk with her about it. Celestia learns that Twilight had become so grief-stricken and upset about not being able to turn in a Friendship Report on time, that she resorted to creating her own problem to fix. What occurred next, in my eyes, was one of the kindest things Celestia has said about Twilight in the show. She told her, "You are a wonderful student, Twilight. I don't have to get a letter every week to know that."

After Twilight's friends bust into the conversation to defend her, Celestia does another considerate and kind thing: She tells Twilight and all her friends that they are to report to her when, and only when, they have something to share about the magic of friendship. Thus relieving Twilight of a burden that drove her to the brink of insanity and allowing for Twilight's friends an opportunity to start really looking at what they can learn to better maintain their friendships. After all, each of the main 6 ponies represent an Element of Harmony, too.

:star:Celestia is such a mary sue.:star:
Actually to be honest, I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement and/or argument and this kind of argument is used most of the time. It really annoys me and it's made worse by the fact that some people tries to justify this "canon wise" whist fanon wise theories genuinely (Not as a joke like most people do). Mary-Sue isn't a matter of traits, it's a matter of delivery.

"On a more serious note:  skimming through the definition I actually do find things which could make people consider Celestia as Mary Sue (probably the most noticeable one being her many positive qualities with few flaws), but I think that there are too few symptoms to consider her as such when we use more strict definition, and if some other one would apply, it would be really, really, really wide. In fact, too wide to be considered as negative anymore.

I think that there are some key traits which Celestia lacks in order to be considered as Mary Sue (in negative sense, rather than neutral, wide one). Although I can't really think of any flaw off the top of my head, I don't remember a scene which would strike me as unrealistic, either! When she was showing one of her many positive traits, I found it perfectly in character and somewhat expectable (in a positive way) as well.
Boredom/spotlight are actually pretty much related; probably if Princess Celestia were showing in the series much more often, or even almost always being the one to resolve the problem, then many people would get fed up with her, or rather it would completely destroy the show, anyway. >.< But since she appears occasionally (she has the Sun to control, you know...), she doesn't really get boring, either. And not to mention, she wants to be like everypony else; to relax; to be treated normally without over the top royalty (Can't say the same by the fact that Rarity was fangasming over Celestia on Sweet and Elite. :XD: ). Yes, she is quite powerful, since that's what she needs to perform her day cycle control as well, but apart from that she can't be all over Equestria at once, and she isn't omniscient, either (if it wasn't for Spike writing a letter, "Lesson Zero" could've ended much worse...). Also, she isn't always successful, with the most noticeable examples being problems with Nightmare Moon (resolved centuries later by Mane Six) and then, at the beginning of season 2, with Discord. And it wasn't really that much of her fault, but rather the fact that she *can't* do everything, even despite being one of the most powerful entities in Equestria. In fact, Twilight and her friends are in some specific area more capable than her: they can unleash the power of Elements of Harmony, which apparently Celestia and Luna can't do anymore. That great amount of power is the sun princess' actual weakness since it would destroy most of Equestria in the process.
So yes, I don't know where these accusations came from, but there are way too few reasons to consider Celestia as proper Mary Sue. It's too bad that some people tend to disregard everypony significantly better than average (but not that unrealistically, either) as Mary Sue." - WonderlandSunflower

"How can someone consider a character with so little shown to be a Mary Sue? I don't know.  I do know that Celestia has a few flaws that don't allow her to be one, though.
For example, she didn't appear until after NMM appeared, and she didn't contact Twi for instructions on how to deal with her, which leads me to think she LOST to NMM in some way.  Another thing is the amount of stress she shows when Discord shows up. She could only barely hold the queenly mask there.
Not to mention how she seemingly took Philomena's prank at least somewhat seriously, which shows she is concerned about the people's feelings. In any other scenario, she wouldn't have scolded the phoenix." - REV6Pilot

:star:Celestia is just acting like she cares. She never cared at all.:star:
Ugh. Another cliched she's royal so she's evil comment bullshit. :(
"My take on this topic is this: How can anyone truly judge Princess Celestia's? We know that she is at least 1000 years old and it's hinted that she and her sister are many many ages older. All who have watched the Doctor Who episodes can get a hint of the sorrow and anguish of a being who will literaly out live all those whom he comes into contact with. Out live all those he comes to care about, and this is just for someone around 900 years old. Now magnify that by 10 or even 100, heck let's make it a 1000 times that. However, unlike The Doctor, Princess Celestia oversees not a few individuals but a nation. All those lives briefly touching her's then vanishing like the sparks from a fire. Her only solace being those short brief sparks combine into a roaring fire that warms her down through the cold endless ages. The pain, the loneliness I would imagine would crush a weaker being and drive them into madness just to escape the pain. Then on top of all this being forced to banish the only other being in existance, her only sibling whom she can relate to (no pun intended), to the moon for a 1000 years. I think people underestimate Princess Celestia when they pigeonhole her into being only Molestia, Trollestia or The Dictator. I only see Celestia as a being of iron will, depths deeper than any ocean, and a love for all her subjects so strong that it can endure the endless procession of friends, acquaintances, and beloved students. I am probably reading far more into this subject of Princess Celestia than the writers or even Lauren Faust intended and I more than likely have spent more time thinking about it than I really should, but you have shined a light on possibly the greatest of all the background ponies to date. The light you have shown on a possible moment in her life compelled me to write this wall of text. To all of you who have doggedly plowed through this wall I salute you and thank you for taking a moment of your time to read these rambling thoughts of mine." - Thulsadoon

:star:Celestia is so annoying, such a bitch, etc:star:
What? No. I really have to disagree. I can somewhat understand if some people find Rarity slightly bitchy (even though I also wholeheartedly disagree with people stating that Rarity's an alpha bitch). But I really doubt that Celestia's was ever annoying or bitchy. Some people will sometimes get annoyed with kindness, enthusiasm, etc overall. However, Celestia doesn't go overboard with her kindness and she even wants to be treated like a normal pony not like pure royalty (which is why she played a minor tea joke on "A bird in the hoof" to lighten the mood).  

:star:Since Celestia, our so called kind and caring leader, never apologized to Twilight, I've lost all respect for her:star:
Haven't you been listening to this defense at all? Celestia haven't explicitly apologized to Twilight but the princess herself was one of those ponies that were duped by Chrysalis. Hell, Celestia did actually apologized not only once but twice in stealth. The first having Twilight setting up the real wedding of Shining Armor and Cadance. The latter having to learn the Twilight used her instincts correctly. Even the princess herself admitted that Twilight was right about Chrysalis.

Yet for most people insist on using this AccidentalAesop and BrokenAesop bullshit just to give Celestia more of this whole Ron The Death Eater treatment.
Unreal. :no:

:star:Celestia didn't help Twilight in the help of need in Magic Duel and Celestia wants the alicorn amulet to herself. So she is truly evil!!111!!:star:


That is of the worst arguments of The Princess being evil and stuff....I've ever heard....
And guess what...this argue came from a former Celestia fan and many others since the episode. I even heard that Celestia was working with Sombra the whole time and it all her fault and...



All of this stupid assumptions despite the fact that 1) both Celestia AND Luna were in Canterlot, 2) Trixie, whilst under the amulet's influence, sealed off ponyville to prevent Twilight from entering while exiled and 3) Celestia was barely on screen for more than 2 minutes or even a freaking minute mind you.

"She is not a tyrant for she stood up and put her life on the line to stop an invading army, she isn't a troll for she doesn't laugh at the misfortune of others. She isn't useless for she tried, and made Chrysalis work for her victory." - GraysonPaladin

"I honestly think that this silly feud is just a waste of everyone's time. Celestia did what she did to save Equestria, and Luna forgave her for it. I think the reason that some NLR supporters ardently hate Celestia is because of the fact that they think Celestia wronged Luna in some way. It really isn't helped by the fact that the whole "Trollestia" and "Molestia" thing caught on, which only shows her in a more negative light. You can enjoy the odd Trollestia picture, but when you start ignoring canon just because of an internet meme, you've officially gone off the deep end.
Everyone is entitled to interpret a character as they will, but they should at least base their interpretations off of what has been in the show."
- portaljumper339

This is basically my feelings on a lot of matters surrounding Princess Celestia. There aren't any means of everything I can explain all of this in one summary. If she's not your favorite MLP character, no big whup. If you hate her for one of the above reasons, I hope my explanations and defenses help to clear your mind of doubts.

I saw this character before I saw the fanart and I finished the show before I allowed the fandom to come into my life. I only witnessed a pure, kindhearted leader. I hope this journal has been informative or helpful in anyway for those who have had second thoughts about the character and I thank you all for your time. It ain't often I write out huge "reports" like these.


Personally, that defense I saw on DA is one of those more interesting and yet more better ones for Celestia. I know that people will say that this whole Molestia, Trollestia, etc on Celestia are jokes but sometimes a few people who *purposely* flanderize Celestia actually genuinely hates her (I'm not kidding, I even saw a journal entry of a person throwing death threats, saying hurtful things about Celestia. Not only that but I saw multiple kill or hate art of Celestia either being choked nearly to death or explicitly killed VIA fanfiction or fanart.). It's kinda ironic that some people find Molestia/Trollestia/Tyranlesta funny but dare someone makes poke fun on Luna with the whole Moluna/Trolluna/Tyrluna thing, (sarcasm) ZOMG! That so mean to woona! (sarcasm) :roll: . Plus it irritates me when people say that most fanon personalities of Celestia gives her more personality or something. (sarcasm again)Yeah because making Celestia a shameless over-the-top prankster, a sick molester, and/or evil tyrant in the most contrived way of showing makes Celestia interesting regardless of decent storytelling or not. (sarcasm again). This whole Ron The Death Eater treatment that Celestia gets sometimes really got out of hand. Sorry, but I'm not a huge fan of Evilestia, Trollestia, or even Molestia and I know I'm not the only one. :no:

That's all I have to say. :stare:
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eekiwi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
This fandom... WHY :iconwhyplz:                        
DarkCrusader28 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
Your post is made of pure win, you have earned this.


shittwat Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
First of, I think this is a well thought up defense but I still think that there are a few points you did not address.

She only stopped Twilight's spell in Lesson Zero because Spike wrote a letter to her. This excuses her not appearing in cases like Spike's rampage in Secret of My Excess and Trixie taking over Ponyville in Magic Duel.

What about Dragonshy? Celestia made the Mane 6 convince a sleeping dragon to move and go somewhere else? And I should remind you that dragons are a species that ponies have little to no knowledge about proven in Dragon Quest. The least she could have done was send a team of experts, not her student and her friends.

About Celestia sending Twilight the friendship letters, I don't think that it was a coincidence that she sent the letters when Spike came up the stairs. Was she observing Twilight's defeat?

About Luna's Canterlot voice and old modern speaking, she couldn't tell her that things have changed and teach the native language?

What about King Sombra's return? She didn't allow Luna to go even though she wanted to and has more experience of Sombra and did nothing. For those who say that "It was Twilight's mission." then why it Celestia tell Twilight it was a 'test' and putting Twilight in a state of panic.
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fluffythehedgehog12 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Answers to all the questions:

She banished Nightmare Moon to ensure the safety of her citizens.
There was no need for her to tell Fluttershy as she heard from Twilight that she was good with animals.
It was part of the plot. Deal with it.
Celestia used the Elements of Harmony to defeat Discord, but he took them away so they couldn't do anything.
I think you all remember Chrysalis saying, "Shining Armor's love for Cadance is stronger than I thought." It just shows that Shining Armor loved Cadance that much. In other words, it's part of the plot. Deal with it.
How could YOU answer inside a chrysalis? No one could hear you.
Celestia lightened Twilight's burden by saying, "You are to report to me your findings in the magic of friendship when, and only when, you happen to discover them.
THAT STATEMENT IS A [insert angry rant here].
Same as above.
Same as above.
How can you be heard from inside a chrysalis? It's very difficult. (listen to a caterpillar in a chrysalis and you see what I mean.)
OMG. Really? Okay, It's like this: Ponyville=sealed by Trixie's spell, CelestiaL= At Canterlot.
My answers. If you hate them: STFU and GTFU.
animaillady32 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Though Lauren Faust said something of a dark force come over Luna that turned into Nightmare Moon.

Ah, and one thing I think the fans kind of want her to be be some short of psychic, I mean some of the hatred come of of "she didn't do this when Twilight was in trouble" like what? Celestia is a princess and possibly a goddess, but she doesn't know what every pony ever is doing every second, she doesn't have that type of power.
SkulY2K Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I first joined the fandom, I was going through mild depression. The show helped me through it, and I was eventually able to be happy again. Then I found the community, and I thought, "Wow, a great show with a great community behind it!"

However, in between Seasons 2 and 3, I've started to feel angry almost every day at how the community has DEvolved from Love and Tolerance, to Hate and Intolerance. All I see most days is moaning and complaining and hating on characters and episodes. You know, I actually used to like every character in the show, and yes, I had a couple of favourites, but now, thanks to some idiots, I've began to actually hate some characters. I won't say which ones, as I have consideration for others' feelings, but I will say that I'm feeling anger due to some bronies hating on my favourite characters — Celestia being one of them.

Way to go. You've ruined what has helped me the most in my entire life. Pro love and tolerance, there.

I'm also a Sonic fan, but I don't associate with other "fans" due to the constant whining over nothing (like the colour of Sonic's eyes, for crying out loud!) The My Little Pony fandom is quickly becoming the new Sonic fandom. Wonderful...
Fascist-Templar Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
This is the reason why i joined the Solar Empire because all of Luna's supporters are always making fun of Celestia and say that Luna is better than Celestia! It irritates me of how nobody makes fun of Luna as much as Celestia!
KuznyaDragonOfBaa Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like ~fluffythehedgehog12 said. Aka I would side with Equestria Unity <- fans that love and respect every Princess, not just one of them.
I bet that Luna would be as made fun of as Celestia if she would have as much screen-time as Celestia ;)
fluffythehedgehog12 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone thinks Luna is cool, that's why. I do too, but I'm not hating Celestia. If she was going to be made fun of in the first place, I don't think she would have been made at all. If that were to happen, all the teasing would turn to something else. Therefore, I am siding with both Luna and Celestia.
ZetaRarity Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I can see why. There are just so much favoritism for certain characters and Luna is almost consistently favored by most people. While a couple of times, people tend to degrade, made petty "jokes", or craptastic "molestia" puns/references (god I swear along with those stupid Evilestia jokes, the molestia bits that ALMOST EVERYONE loves to comment drives me bonkers), to Celestia on almost every fanart of her and even when that said fanart of Celestia has NOTHING to do with those idiotic memes.

It's one of those reasons I cannot look up any fanart of Celestia without encountering any of those Trollestia/Molestia/etc bits on almost any of them. Especially, most well drawing artists (and famous ones) tend to make a couple of jokes about Celestia though it pops up nearly half the time in their galleries. I mean seriously, some of those artists...for great art, sketches, etc , it's mainly wasted potential for....just one character (or a few more characters if I might add)....
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